Distributed Ledger Technology in the Financial System

One of the concepts that has been pretty intriguing to me for a while is around how we transact value. The premise that distributed ledgers such as Blockchain can transform the technical infrastructure of our financial system and change the way we all think about financial transactions is very treacherous: it manages to grab the imagination of many smart people, yet proposes (and to date has not been able) to make a fundamental change to one of, if not THE, most complex and old industries of our world - finance.

Over the past months I've been fortunate enough to go through the Columbia Business School Venture Fellows program with a bunch of my super dedicated classmates. To consummate the program, we each developed an investment thesis on a topic of interest to the venture capital ecosystem. Coincidentally, mine was around distributed ledgers.

I have tried to summarize and develop a point of view on the many different perspectives I've heard from passionate and skeptical stakeholders in the startup ecosystem. As I share what we already presented to a group of venture capitalists, I hope that at the very least, it ends up being thought provoking and educative...